Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids: 3 Short Melodramatic Plays for 3 Group Sizes: Volume 3 (Playing with Plays) por Brendan P. Kelso

March 30, 2020

Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids: 3 Short Melodramatic Plays for 3 Group Sizes: Volume 3 (Playing with Plays) por Brendan P. Kelso
Titulo del libro : Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids: 3 Short Melodramatic Plays for 3 Group Sizes: Volume 3 (Playing with Plays)
Autor : Brendan P. Kelso
ISBN : 1439213534

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Title: Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids( 3 Short Melodramatic Plays for 3 Group Sizes) <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: BrendanP.Kelso <>Publisher: BooksurgePublishing

"We have been teaching Shakespeare in our 4/5 Multi-age class for the past 10 years. This last year we used three of plays by Kelso and it changed the way we taught Shakespeare. The kids were instantly engaged in the stories. The simplicity of the plots allowed the kids to get the point of the play with out being bogged down with the language. The plays are funny and engaging for even a 4th or 5th grader. Once they had the basics of the story we were able to go a little deeper into the plays. We are definitely using the books as a part of our Shakespeare unit from now on. Awesome tool for the classroom." - Amazon Review "I've been wanting to introduce my students to Shakespeare many times over the years but never really found the best mix of length, actual Shakespearean lines, and understandable English. Brendan Kelso's attempt was a BIG HIT with my 5th graders! They LOVED learning about Shakespeare with this non-threatening text and after performing it, and watching two other plays by other groups, I asked them if they enjoyed doing these plays--and the answer was a RESOUNDING YES! Also, several shouted, "Can we do another one?!" That's the best recommendation I can give. And yes, we will be doing some more!" - Amazon Review "I recently received my copy of Brendan Kelso's Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids, and I can't wait to use it in my classroom (6th/7th language arts). Kelso's retelling is engaging and accessible. Shakespeare was all about entertainment--the drama, the humor, the plot twists. Shakespeare's plays were written in the vernacular of the time-his original audience didn't have to struggle to understand. But Shakespeare can be intimidating to a modern-day 6th grader! What I love about Kelso's rendition is that it removes the struggle and leaves the joy and genius of Shakespeare's work. Kelso mixes the modern (MacDuff to Macbeth: Stinks to be you!) with the original lines that are so much a part of our cultural literacy (Double, double, toil and trouble . . .). The result is a play that is entertaining and accessible to children while retaining the most memorable lines of the original work. Kelso also includes a very simple 6 - 8 day plan for incorporating the play into the classroom. I will be using this version of Macbeth in the classroom as the perfect follow-up to our planned reading of The Wednesday Wars." - Amazon Review "I ran a two-week Shakespeare camp last summer and directed kids in Brendan's version of Macbeth. Perfect for kids in elementary through middle school. They get to know the plot, characters and some of the Big Lines from the play. And I love the flexibility of cast size since some kids didn't register until the third day of camp. I was able to fit them in easily. I highly recommend any of the Brendan Kelso plays." - Amazon Review "I cannot express enough how amazing this book is and how incredibly helpful Brendan Kelso is. First off, these scripts are just fun! Brendan has done an amazing job of relating to a younger generation and letting them get a glimpse into this man Shakespeare. Second, I purchased this script for a middle school competition piece. We are planning to take it to the Texas Renaissance Festival. After contacting Brendan about royalty rights, we proceeded to chat through email. He discovered that his script was a few minutes too long for my time limit. He then proceeded to volunteer to cut the script for me... I had a personalized cut script within the hour!! Talk about customer service!!! If you have ever considered introducing a group to Shakespeare, I HIGHLY recommend these scripts. You will not be disappointed!!" - Amazon Review