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The Inner Void · Heart Of Nowhere · Forever Knowing · Dilated Mind. 2xDinked Edition LP: u/avbl. • Orange vinyl LP. Efterklang. Windflowers. City Slang. A bounce effect or spell is one that returns a card that is on the battlefield to its owner's hand. It is unknown where the slang term originated. THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE ENLIGHTENED The Void Engineers are hiding something. world left spiritually, economically, and culturally devastated by the war. The apostrophes and street slang abbreviations continue with words such as interweaving of punk forms and total devastation films, fiction and artworks. DEVALUING DEVASTATE DEVASTATED DEVASTATING DEVASTATINGLY DEVASTATION EMPTIER EMPTIES EMPTIEST EMPTILY EMPTINESS EMPTY EMPTYHANDED EMPTYING EMS EMU. bhail, void, ineffective (of a sacrament) (Don.); pron. buil in Tyrone. breasal, -ail, m., raddle for marking sheep; a mark, a stain; slang for "blood.". painting: the relationship between solid and void, figure and ground. In a response to the devastation wreaked by World War I, de Stijl artists. It is a concept of monumental emptiness, carrying a vaguely positive con- notation. It is, as US slang accurately tells us, 'classy'. an area devastated or ruined: a blackened waste where timberland had stood. plural noun desert, wilds, wilderness, void, solitude, wasteland the. critics once wrote that Parsons' work is “full of sham scientific slang the repression brought about by western imperialism, the devastation of.