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For years, science fiction writers from Edgar Rice Burroughs to C. S. Lewis have imagined what it would be like for humans to walk on Mars. It's a gripping start, but “man was it bad science,” says Rice. While massive dust storms on Mars can have hurricane force winds. Storms. Mars has a very thin atmosphere, about 1% of Earth's atmosphere. · Dust storms. Mars has dust storms that can cover the entire planet for a whole month. A massive dust storm may disrupt commuting and communication on Earth, but the same phenomenon on Mars helps maintain its climate. But dust storms on Mars aren't as powerful as they might seem based on the movie. Still, Martian storms still could pose risks to humans. In a. Two years ago, Mars went undercover. Martian dust storms are common, but every decade or so, for reasons unknown, a monstrous one goes. Mammoth dust storm on Mars has left a NASA rover in the dark. Opportunity rover is out of juice and trapped in the midst of the most expansive dust storm. Martian dust storms rank among the most impressive in our Solar System. But no matter how menacing they appear from Mars orbit. Mars atmospheric dust on surface systems, e.g., space- of the First Human Mission to Mars lists ten prioritized tions and dust storms. Rucker says that researchers have learned a lot about these Martian dust storms, but they're still not quite sure if they've witnessed the worst.